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William F. Buckley Jr. was an American news anchor and state propagandist.


William F. Buckley Jr. helmed the American state-run National News Network, conceived by the Redford Administration as an attempt to curtail civil liberties, such as freedom of the press, in the name of restoring order after the revelations of the investigation into Adrian Veidt. Buckley Jr. delivered the news to American people, in the first broadcast of the NNN, that the Russian Federation had invaded Poland and that nuclear war was imminent.

Throughout the night, Buckley Jr. consistently refuted any attempt to contradict or counter the statements and evidence being made against the United States's course of action, dismissing it all as the machinations of foreign agents.


  • William F. Buckley Jr. was an influential real-life figure who founded the National Review, a nationally syndicated newsmagazine known for its conservative politics. He was a vehement anti-communist and a staunch supporter of U.S President Ronald Reagan, on whom the fictionalized version of actor Robert Redford is based.


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