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Walter Kovacs' Arrest File is a small portfolio with the details of Walter Kovacs' arrest and assorted documents from the Charlton Home.


Details of Arrest

New York City Police Department, Manhattan

Form 2-18 - 62186

Walter Joseph Kovacs, a.k.a. Rorschach, was arrested on the night of Monday, October 21st when a squadron of police officers led by Detectives Steven Fine and Joe Bourquin surrounded the house of Edgar William Jacobi, a.k.a. Edgar William Vaughn, a.k.a. William Edgar Bright, a.k.a. Moloch, following an anonymous tip: Kovacs, who was on the premises at the time, injured two police officers while resisting arrest. Officer Shaw was admitted to the hospital with minor burns, while Officer Charlie Greaves, who was shot at point blank range with a gas-powered grappling hook gun, has a shattered sternum and is still on the hospital’s critical list as of this writing (10/22/85).

When the house was explored, the body of Edgar Jacobi was discovered in the kitchen, shot through the head. The murder weapon was found less than two feet away, and although there were no fingerprints on the gun it should be remembered that since Kovacs was wearing gloves when arrested, this lack of prints is hardly remarkable. Although Kovacs has denied the murder of Jacobi, given his previous history of violence against other criminals and his location in the murder house at the time, few other conclusions seem possible. Curiously, Kovacs has not denied the two other murders attributed to him, those of Gerald Anthony Grice, unemployed, in the summer of 1975, and of wanted multiple rapist Harvey Charles Furniss two years later in the summer of 1977, immediately following the passage of the Keene Act into law.

At the time of his arrest, the contents of Kovacs’ pockets were as follows: 1 battery powered flashlight; 5 individually wrapped cubes ‘Sweet Chariot’ chewing sugar; 1 map of New York underground and subway system, dated 1968 with recent alterations drawn in with a red ballpoint pen; withered remains of one red rose; one dollar fifty-nine cents in assorted loose change; one pencil; one notebook, pages filled with what is either an elaborate cypher or handwriting too cramped and eccentric to be legible; one broken bottle of ‘Nostalgia’ cologne for men, possibly broken during leap from Jacobi’s second story window during arrest; a residue of ground black pepper.