Wally with Dr. Manhattan

Wally Weaver (1937-1971[1]) was a friend of Jon Osterman and Janey Slater. During the early 1960s, the newspapers referred to him as "Dr. Manhattan's Buddy".


Wally Weaver was a research assistant for the intrinsic field experiment at Gila Flats Test Base under Professor Milton Glass, although many things they were doing, were beyond him. When Jon Osterman arrived to start his new job on May 12, 1959, Wally was the one assigned to show him around, wondering whether Jon had met Albert Einstein in Princeton, and found interesting that even the smartest man had his problem with women. During the tour, Wally led Jon to the local bar, The Bestiary, and introduced him to Janey Slater for the first time.[1]

In August 1959, Wally was present outside the test vault, along with Milton Glass, when Jon Osterman was accidentally disintegrated during an experiment to remove the intrinsic field from a concrete block. After his "death", strange events led Wally to believe that the place was haunted and considered quitting. On November 22, as he was sharing his thoughts with Janey Slater in the cafeteria, Jon Osterman finally rematerialized as the super being later known as Dr. Manhattan.[1]

In 1963, shortly after John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Wally received by mistake Janey's pair of earrings that Jon bought for her. The same time, Jon admitted to Janey that he could see the future but could not change it. As proof, he said that they would make love after Wally brought the earrings. Indeed moments later Wally arrived at the door with the earrings, proving that Jon was telling the truth.[1]

He was hired by Dimensional Developments[2] and it is implied that, as part of Adrian Veidt's plot, he unwittingly got cancer.

In 1971, Wally Weaver has died of cancer at the age of 34.[1] Doug Roth of the Nova Express newspaper later described the illness as "quite sudden and quite painful". Jon Osterman attended his funeral.[3]


Wally's nickname, "Doc Manhattan's Buddy", and the fact that he is depicted as wearing a bow tie, are quite likely references to "Superman's Pal" Jimmy Olsen.

Regarding Adrian Veidt's plan to accuse Dr. Manhattan as a cause of cancer, it's possible that Weaver suffered after Veidt's machinations, and that perhaps he was an employee at Veidt Enterprises.


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