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Veidt Enterprises is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in New York City founded by Adrian Veidt. The company manufactured a wide variety of products including fashion, perfume, consumer electronics, toys, and entertainment.


Spark Hydrants[]


Corporate headquarters in New York City.

Veidt Enterprises manufactured their most notable invention, the spark hydrant, a small outlet that allows electric-powered vehicles like cars and trucks to recharge; they were the equivalent of gas pumps for gasoline-powered cars. This technological advancement was made possible through the synthesizing of lithium through the superpowers of Doctor Manhattan to change molecules into different molecules. These hydrants were seen throughout the world and have a signature lightning bolt within a circle on them.

The Veidt Method[]

The Veidt Method is a famous magazine on the theory of bodily health, including a strict fitness regime to enhance one's physical skills and mental exercises to assist in the creation of a "new you." One of the in-between sips of hardcore literature in the book that pop up at the end of every chapter is a summary of the Veidt Method's components.[1]

The Monster[]

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Adrian Veidt used his monetary resources and superior intellect to secretly create a giant genetically engineered monster, with dozens of tentacles and one large eye, along with a giant unnatural brain (cloned and enhanced from that of deceased psychic Robert Deschaines) that generated a devastating mental shockwave upon the creature's death that killed millions of people in New York City in order to frighten the governments of the world into working together, thereby saving humanity from extinction.[2][3]


The Alien Monster Project[]

Notable Products and Designs[]



  • Veidt products are seen throughout the series in almost every part of life. Aside from the most obvious ones, such as Nostalgia, the Veidt logo can also be seen on other objects like hats worn by characters on the background or even Dan Dreiberg's kettle. Other companies with mythological names like Gordian Knot Lock Co. and Promethean are also likely subsidiaries of Veidt Enterprises.
  • Seeing how Adrian Veidt conforms to and manipulates the market with subconscious imageries (this is obvious in his letter to Angela Neuberg in Chapter XI) combined with the fact that his products are everywhere makes us imagine how much influence and control he has over the minds and opinions of the people.