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Hello there.

Most of you already knew that there's an upcoming Watchmen television series adaptation, developed and aired by HBO. After watching this wiki for a moment, i've been realized that after a few years, most of the old contributors started to come back and editing again. There are also some new contributors who's are here regarding for updating about TV series of Watchmen.

As a big fans of the franchise, i'm planning to adopt this wiki in order to properly revived it. There are several pages of characters that need to be locked up due to several vandalism. Regardless, Watchmen wiki also need someone who can spend at least several hours of his time, monitoring the wiki. I'm also planning to give the wiki a brand new fresh look, which require an bureau position. Honestly, i'm not handy with Css stuff, but i still can give it a spin.

Regardless, please tell me your thoughts. Thank you.

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