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Trieu Industries Microfusion Spacecraft is a primordial transport spacecraft developed by Trieu Industries.


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In 2013, after receiving the image of Adrian Veidt's message on Europa from the satellite probe she sent out five years prior to prove Doctor Manhattan's true whereabouts, Lady Trieu used her resources at Trieu Industries to licensed patented microfusion propulsion technology. Two years later, she would patent this technology to the SDI alliance, China, and the Egyptian Union. In 2016, Trieu designs and launches the very first microfusion spacecraft which she sends to Europa to return Veidt safely back to Earth.


In 2017, when Trieu’s rescue spaceship arrived on Europa, Veidt escapes his prison cell and heads toward the spaceship, but the Game Warden attempts to stop him from escaping, but Veidt manages to kill him. Veidt steps aboard the ship and escapes finally Europa. He is enclosed in a solid gold casing to survive the year long journey back to Earth.

In 2018, after purchasing several acres of land from the Clark family, the microsfusion spacecraft crash lands nearby, much to Lady Trieu's delight.