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Trieu Industries is an international conglomerate headquartered in Saigon, Vietnam. Founded by Lady Trieu, she ran the company from its inception up until her death in 2019.


Lady Trieu established Trieu Industries sometime after graduating from the Myramar Institute of Technology. Utilizing her vast knowledge in astrophysics, nuclear fission, bioengineering, and nanochemistry, the company became a great pioneer in different types of technology and would revolutionize the fields of medicine, energy, and nanotechnology.

In 2007, Trieu Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Trieu Industries, launched Nostalgia, a memory pill for elderly people. The drug was a success and it made the company trillions. When people started abusing Nostalgia, however, they had the drug recalled and was eventually banned by the FDTA. Despite this business mishap, the company continued to grow stronger.

Trieu took a deep interest in Doctor Manhattan and had Manhattan Booths placed in several cities across the globe. The company even successfully replicated one of Manhattan’s greatest creations, mass-producing synthetic lithium that reintroduced the electric car, and built the “Eye over Mars” that displays video images of Manhattan building and collapsing ornate sandcastles on the surface of Mars. Trieu even funded a commission to prove that The Big Blue Cancer Panic perpetrated by the Nova Express in 1985 was a hoax.

The company reached greater heights by turning their attention toward space exploration. In the 2010s, they launched 50 Voyager-class probes into the galaxy, and in 2015, they began licensing Trieu's patented micro-fusion propulsion technology to the SDI alliance, China, and the Egyptian Union.

In 2012, Trieu purchased Adrian Veidt's company months before Veidt went missing. The company has since managed Veidt’s estate since officially acquiring Veidt Enterprises in 2017.

In 2018, the trillion-dollar company built a quantum centrifuge in Tulsa known as the Millennium Clock, and sent HDTVs to every residence in the tri-county area as an apology for any inconvenience their construction efforts may cause, as well as the occasional atmospheric disruption.

Notable Designs


  • Trieu Center for Social Justice
  • Trieu Clinic
  • Trieu Pharmaceuticals
  • Blue Booth Network
  • Myanmar Institute of Technology
  • Veidt Enterprises


  • The logo of Trieu Industries is very similar to Template:W’s logo.