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Treasure Island Treasury of Comics is a book that details the creation of pirate comic books[1] in the last seven years[2], most notably Tales of the Black Freighter.[1] The book features the works of Max Shea[1], Michael Longfield, Tim Snowden, XRAT, Lisa Downing, Harvey Kurtzman, Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and many others.[2]


In chapter 5 of Treasure Island Treasury of Comics, the book describes the appeal of pirate comics in general and focuses on the unanticipated success of Tales of the Black Freighter. Originally conceived by artist Joe Orlando and writer Max Shea, it tells the story of "a vessel from Hell" that takes on the souls of "evil men so that they may walk its blood-stained decks for all eternity." The title is notorious for its horrific scenes of piratical brutality and excesses. Orlando left the project after nine issues, and artist Walt Feinberg took over. One of their more notable collaborations was the two-part "Marooned" story in issues 23 and 24. The series ended soon thereafter, and Shea disappeared from the public eye.[1]


  • According to the Watchmen Sourcebook, the in-universe price for Treasure Island Treasury of Comics is $18.95.[2]
  • The item number for the book is XM66245.[2]


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