• You undid most of my edits! I've editing on the Watchmen wikia since the series premiere yet you have single handedly undid nearly everything I've so far. I'm trying to update on some of these articles with better formating and detail, but right now you are making it very difficult and frustrating for people like me to further to expand this wikia.

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    • Please ask before using the category. I would suggest adding a description to the Cyclops category. Don't just create for the sake of creating. Preferably, fill out the Cyclops page a little more than just adding categories. Thanks, and I am here if you need anything. The reason why I initially undid most of your edits, was because you went in and edited too many of those pages to a Cyclops category. Not to mention you also moved a lot of pages without consulting anybody. So that was quite frustrating as well. So next time please communicate.

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