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Album cover of The Manhattan Project.

The Manhattan Project is a studio album by the Nine Inch Nails.


Side A

  1. Who Will Save Us Now?
  2. Just Do It
  3. The Actual Events
  4. The Way Out Is Through
  5. Message Never Sent

Side B

  1. Not God
  2. She Bleeds Through
  3. The Eater Of Dreams
  4. Tek Başina
  5. Last One Out Turn Off The Lights


  • Five of the tracks on The Manhattan Project are direct references to Nine Inch Nails' actual catalogue.
    • "Just Do It" is an unreleased track that was recorded for the band's second studio album The Downward Spiral.
    • "The Actual Events" is most likely a play on the band's fifth EP Not the Actual Events.
    • "The Way Out Is Through" is a track that was released on the band's third studio album The Fragile.
    • "She Bleeds Through" is a possible reference to the working title of the band's fourth studio album With Teeth.
    • "The Eater Of Dreams" is a track that was released on the band's eighth studio album Hesitation Marks.
  • "Tek Başina" is Turkish for "Alone".