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Tartarus Acres is a cemetery located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Tartarus Acres was established in 1896.

In 2019, a funeral is held for Chief Judd Crawford. Laurie Blake and Dale Petey attend Judd's funeral. They hand over their guns to the policemen at the gate, and Laurie approaches Angela Abar as she and her family arrive at the gravesite. She says that she's there to hope and talks with Angela over coffee later. Angela says that she's retired, and Dale gives Angela her card.

At the service, Judd's wife, Jane Crawford, thanks everyone for being there and invites Angela up to give the eulogy. Angela talks about how she and Judd made a pact after White Night about what each of them would say at the other's funeral. A 7K bomber crawls through a tunnel. Angela sings the song Judd wanted sung. The bomber comes up in a nearby crypt.

Laurie claps to the music, and after a moment the other attendees clap with her to the song. The bomber puts on an explosive vest, steps out of the crypt, and approaches the gravesite. He explains that the bomb is connected to his heart and will go off if he dies. The bomber tells Keene that he's a race traitor and tells him to surrender himself or everyone dies. Keene goes to the bomber, and Laurie shoots the 7K man in the head. The bomb starts counting down, and Angela yells at everyone to run. She then drags the corpse into the grave and drops Judd's coffin on top of it. She runs away and the bomb explodes, knocking everyone to the ground. Angela glares at Laurie.[1]