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Seymour David was a former editorial assistant at the New Frontiersman.


New Frontiersman

In 1985, Seymour worked at the New Frontiersman as an editorial assistant to Hector Godfrey. At times Seymour would deliver newspapers to Bernard's newsstand where Walter Kovacs bought issues of the New Frontiersman from. Seymour is partially seen behind Godfrey when he appears on the TV news.[1] Seymour is also seen with Godfrey preparing a New Frontiersman draft, continuing the story about Max Shea's disappearance and put a filler from the crank file.[2]

Discovering Rorschach's Journal

In January 1, 1987, David bought lunch at Burgers 'N' Borscht. He returned to the New Frontiersman office, but is told by Hector Godfrey that he isn't allowed to have lunch break until he finishes another issue. Their new issue needs a filler piece, so Godfrey tells David to pick whatever he wants from the “crank file.” David’s hand hovers over a pile of articles and pamphlets, amongst which is Rorschach’s journal.

In 1987, David was killed after the publication of Rorschach's journal and his killer remains at large.[3]

In February 1987, Doug Roth wrote an article for the Nova Express titled "The Strange Case of Roger Jackson" revolving around the murder of David.[3]


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