The Seventh Kavalry is a white supremacist organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Taking inspiration from the writings of the deceased vigilante Rorschach, the group's racially based crusade derives from its apathy towards the police force and the Redford administration, whom they deem traitorous for their apologetic disposition towards African-Americans and other minority groups within the United States. Despite the Kavalry's adoption of Rorschach's identity, it is clear that the misinterpretation of his beliefs has been the catalyst for the group's inflammatory actions.

History Edit

The group was originally active around 2015-2016. Before going underground, a purge, later known as the White Night, took place during which members of the Kavalry invaded hundreds of homes belonging to members of the police. Multiple police officers and their families were murdered, leading local law enforcement to begin donning masks in order to secure their identities. President of the United States Robert Redford subsequently abolished The Keene Act and reactivated The Watchmen Program which once again gave masked vigilantes free reign in order to hunt down members of the Seventh Kavalry.

In 2019, the Kavalry's resurgence was initiated after one of the member, Carmichael shot and critically wounded Police Officer Charlie Sutton.

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Notes Edit

  • The first episode of the Watchmen television series indicates that the name is spelled as "Kavalry", with Judd Crawford referring to the organization as "the 7K". Moreover, the "Memo: Rorschach's Journal" document found on the Peteypedia section of the official HBO website mentions the Seventh Kavalry multiple times.[1]


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