A fictional character from the comic book Bluecoat and Scout.

When Japanese saboteurs planned to cause a meltdown in the Statue of Liberty, the son of their leader warned the Minutemen. His son loved the comic and proposed to impersonate Bluecoat, with his son posing as Scout. Scout had lost his mother during World War II and joined his father and grandfather out of hatred for the Americans. They teamed up with the Minutemen and stormed Liberty Island. Armed with only a knife, Scout followed his father and Nite Owl into the statue and climbed up, but then he saw his father being shot by his grandfather. Enraged, he unsheathed his knife and assaulted the old man, who was shot in the head by Nite Owl before they harmed each other. As the old man fell down, he covered the device with enriched uranium, so Scout uncovered it with his bare hands, taking more radiation than anyone known.

For the following 6 days, he was in the hospital tended by Hollis Mason when he wasn't on duty. Although the government decided to bury the event, Mason lied to him that the whole world knew about his heroism.[1]

"Some dope forgets his watch and becomes a god on Earth. Some poor kid saves New York City and he gets to suffer and die alone and forgotten."

Hollis Mason


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