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Roxi was a Knot Top gang member and native of New Jersey.


Roxi first met Wade Tillman on November 2, 1985, at a New Jersey fair when the latter approached a group of Knot Tops preaching about the Doomsday Clock.

When the Knot Tops give a Wade a hard time, Roxi takes Wade to the funhouse mirrors and asks him several questions before asking him if he's a virgin. Wade tries to evade answering just as Roxi starts undressing him. But this was all an act so Roxi could callously steal his clothes to leave him stranded.

Upon running away, the alien monster is teleported to New York City by Adrian Veidt. The powerful psychic blast emitted from the creature reached across the Hudson River to the nearby New Jersey area, killing Roxi and most of the fairgoers in the process. Wade survives and retrieves his clothes from Roxi's corpse, horrified by the traumatic incident.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • Roxi is a minor character in HBO's Watchmen who plays a big part in Wade Tillman's character development.


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