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Roger Eugene Ailes is the president of Newspaper Corporation of America and publisher of the New Frontiersman.


Roger Ailes headed the Newspaper Corporation of America (NCA), which was also a parent corporation of the New Frontiersman.

Following the disappearance of Adrian Veidt, Ailes had published claims that the Central Intelligence Agency had killed Veidt for secrets he possessed regarding the Dimensional Incursion Event.

In 2018, Ailes filed a lawsuit against Veidt Enterprises and Trieu Industries; claiming that there was a systematic campaign of harassment, intimidation, and sabotage against him and his employees for publishing these claims. The lawsuit was dismissed and the federal government subsequently ordered NCA to either publish an apology to Veidt or pay a $100,000 for violating the Content Code Act. Ailes refused to apologize and chose to pay the fine instead.


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