Rockefeller Military Research Center is a secret installation established in 1981.

It contained "Special Talent Quarters" where Dr. Manhattan was working on new technology for the government after the Keene Act. Laurie Juspeczyk (former Silk Spectre) who never liked the costumed adventurer business, and had an affair with Manhattan, was also there; actually she was employed to keep company to him and maintain his touch with humanity.

Special talents

The center had a workshop and living quarters for the two former heroes, and presumably camp and barracks. Although it was guarded in tight security, Rorschach managed to break into the Center after the Comedian's death, to find his former colleagues. Osterman explains how he has no reason to care for human life, and Laurie expresses her hate for the Comedian.

During the Dr. Manhattan's appearance in Benny Anger's show and the allegations that his presence causes cancer to humans, his living quarters were marked with a radiation trefoil.

After Dr. Manhattan left for Mars, Laurie had no reason to be there, and was eventually evicted.


  • The logo of the Center seems to resemble Superman's shield.
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