Nixon as he appears in Watchmen

Richard Milhous Nixon was the 37th president of the United States from 1969 until 1989.


Political Career Edit

Assassination of John F. Kennedy Edit

Richard Nixon was guarded by Eddie Blake in Dallas,Texas on November 22, 1963, the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated.[1]

Vietnam War Edit

Elected president of the United States in 1968, Nixon asks Doctor Manhattan to intervene in Vietnam, thereby ensuring a U.S. victory in the war.[2] In June 1971 Nixon visited Vietnam on a helicopter for the celebrations. The Comedian implied that this would ensure Nixon's future political victories.[3]

Beyond Term Limits Edit

With the success of the Vietnam War, the repeal of the 22nd Amendment[2][4], the murders of Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein[5][6], who would otherwise have exposed the Watergate Scandal, and the Comedian's successful intervention in the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979, Nixon is reelected repeatedly. During his fifth reelection campaign in 1984, Nixon went with the slogan "Stick with Dick".[7] In October 1985 the Nova Express mentions Nixon receiving a "3rd Presidential Heart Op".[8]

Cold WarEdit

Soviets Invade Afghanistan Edit

When Doctor Manhattan left for Mars, Nixon discussed in a war room with Henry Kissinger, G. Gordon Liddy and army Generals about the Soviet Union's reaction and the outcome of the Cold War.[9] The Russians invaded Afghanistan and when Pakistan calls for help, Nixon tells Congress that America would consider her options[10] When the fight spilled into Pakistan, Nixon stated that U.S. will respond with maximum force.[11]


In early November 1985, DEFCON 2 was reached. After taking Pat Nixon somewhere safe, Nixon took the nuclear heads controls and flew to the NORAD complex on Air Force One. There he joined Henry Kissinger and G. Liddy and entered a war room.[12]

Dimensional Incursion Event Edit

On November 2nd, 1985 New York City was devastated by a squid-like monster believed to be an alien from another dimension; in reality it was a genetically engineered creature manufactured by Adrian Veidt. Because of the attack Nixon cancels DEFCON 2, and he and Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to ceasing all hostilities and calling for cooperation between the West and East Blocs to face the false-flag alien threat manufactured by Veidt.

Final Term and Legacy Edit

During his reelection campaign, Nixon faced new potential candidates for the presidency, including actor Robert Redford, the Democratic nominee. Nixon, however, managed to defeat Redford.

Nixon's victory, as well as his sixth term, were short-lived as he finally died in office in 1989, resulting in his vice-president, Gerald Ford, taking over as President of the United States.

Although Nixon was added as the fifth head of Mount Rushmore his presidency, however, did not age well. His victory in Vietnam has been widely controversial as it has been viewed as an imperialist act resulting in rising tensions from the Vietnamese Liberation Front (VLF) and the growing “Free Vietnam” movement supported by several nations including the United Kingdom and China.

His name became associated with Nixonvilles, a series of trailer parks that features a caricatured statue of Nixon holding up two peace signs with his hands. One notable location in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the home to several members of the Seventh Kalvary, a white supremacist group.

In the span of a few decades, Nixon went from a populist hero to reviled toxic figure in history.


In the film adaptation, Nixon is played by English actor Robert Wisden. In the extended cut of the film, Nixon's role is expanded from both the graphic novel and the original cut.

37th President of the United States
Preceded by
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard M. Nixon
January 20, 1969 - 1989
Succeeded by
Gerald R. Ford

Trivia Edit

  • In Watchmen's fictionalized version of history, after Edward Blake kills the reporters who would have uncovered Watergate, Richard Nixon sponsors the repeal of the 22nd amendment to the constitution in order to abolish term limits. In reality, he resigned in order to avoid being impeached as a result of the scandal.

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