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Ralph was the brother of Milo and a locksmith at Gordian Knot Lock Company.


On October 19, 1985, Ralph, a locksmith from Gordian Knot Lock Company, is installing a new lock at Dan Dreiberg's home (it was broken the previous week by Rorschach[1]). When he finished, Dan and Laurie Juspeczyk went to visit Hollis Mason. Ralph told him that they will be walking through dangerous alleys and that they should rather call a cab from the Promethean, which is owned by his brother Milo. The next morning, however, Rorschach breaks it again to warn Dan that Dr. Manhattan left Earth.[2]

On October 29, Ralph returns to Dreiberg's home to install a new lock and was present when Detective Steven Fine visited Drieberg to investigate, suspecting him to be Nite Owl.[3]

On November 2, Ralph was seen crossing the intersection to visit Milo at the Promethean. He complained to Milo that he should leave work early one time for a beer. That moment he saw police approaching Joey as she was beating Aline.[4] Ralph was one of the three million killed soon after by the Alien Monster.[5]