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"Bring light to the world."

—Promethean's slogan

Promethean Cab Co. is a cab company based out in New York City. Its offices are on the NE corner of the Fortieth and Seventh, across a Gunga Diner restaurant and the Institute for Extraspatial Studies.


Promethean Cab Co. is run by a man named Milo whose brother fits Gordian Knot locks.[1] Joey is an employed driver. As Milo was killed during the New York City Massacre, the sign was redesigned to read "Promethean Cabs + Limos" with an "Under New Management" sticker.[2]


Promethean cabs are bubble-shaped electric taxis painted yellow with a black-and-white checked stripe down the side in the manner of old Checker Cabs. There is a printed price of 25 cents on the side. Whether this is the minimum fare, or the rate per mile or kilometre is never stated.


  • The company name and slogan is a reference to the Titan Prometheus who stole fire for mankind.
  • The name is doubly significant. Firstly, it is from a classical myth and thus may suggest a link to Veidt Enterprises and/or Pyramid Deliveries, as Adrian Veidt is very fond of mythological and Heroic imagery. Secondly, The Modern Prometheus is the subtitle of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the story of an idealistic young genius who creates a monster.