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Peteypedia is a database of evidence and materials related to Dale Petey's investigation into the death of Tulsa police chief Judd Crawford.


Peteypedia has nine groups of files, each with evidence within them. Dale Petey updated the information as his investigation continued until the last memo in which FBI deputy director Max Farragut announced Petey's termination due to his unprofessionalism with the case.

Though the deputy director claimed the information would be erased within 48 hours of his email, the information continues to be available to the public.

The files and evidence cataloged are as follows:

File 1

File 2

File 3

  • MEMO: AHS: Based on UNFactual Events
  • Clipping: White Flight to Mars
  • EVIDENCE: Four Letters

File 4

  • INTERROGATION (REDACTIONS): Juspeczyk, Laurel Jane (4/25/95)
  • EVIDENCE: "Excalibur," MerlinCorp. Raid (4/28/95)

File 5

File 6

  • MEMO: What Has One Eye and Loves Evil Plans?
  • EVIDENCE: The Will of Nelson Gardner
  • CLIPPING: "Lady Trieu: Fact or Fiction"

File 7

  • MEMO: The Origin Story of "Sister Night"
  • EVIDENCE: Calvin Jelani medical report (12/23/09)

File 8

  • MEMO: Fogdancing
  • CLIPPING: "Nothing Ever Ends" (December, 2005)

File 9

  • MEMO: Dale Petey


  • Metatextually, Peteypedia is a promotional website hosted by HBO that gave updates corresponding to the Watchmen episode of that week. The website is still available here.