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Nova Express is a weekly magazine, consistently critical of costumed adventurers and a political antagonist of the New Frontiersman.


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Publication History

  • July 12, 1975 - "After the Masquerade: Superstyle and the Art of Humanoid Watching", Doug Roth gives an interview with Adrian Veidt exploring his background, philosophies, music tastes, and politics.[1]
  • October 1985 - "How Sick is Dick? After 3rd Presidential Heart Op?",[2][3] regarding Richard Nixon's health due to receiving a third heart operation.
  • October 19, 1985 - "Dr. Manhattan Cancer Link New Evidence; Inside: Janey Slater Speaks", about the connection between Doctor Manhattan and cancer following an interview with Janey Slater.[2]
  • October 27, 1985 - "Superheroes in the News: The Spirit of '77", about the reemergence of superheroes.[4] After the revelation that Rorschach stacked issues of the New Frontierman, Doug Roth criticized both him and the paper, drawing links between the masked adventurers and the Ku Klux Klan.[5]
  • December 1989 - Article describing Trent Reznor of The Nine Inch Nails as "the brilliant dark knight of anti-hero rock".
  • 1995 - Article featuring an interview with Adrian Veidt where he's asked about Hector Godfrey's publication of Rorschach’s journal and the allegations against him. He laughed it off, calling it a conspiracy theory and a failure to engage in terrifying truths and declared the journal “fake news”.
  • 2000 - Article criticizing Sons of Pale Horse's album The Book of Rorschach for romanticizing, “lone nut archetypes, enlightened madmen clichés, and a manifold of toxic pathologies”.
  • Nova Express: Saigon published an allegation that Edward Blake — during his time as a government operative – had fathered several children through numerous affairs around the world. Among his alleged progeny, seven were Vietnamese, ranging in age from 25 to 39, including multi-trillionaire Lady Trieu.


  • It seems that Nova is issued every weekend, but it is not clear whether it comes on Saturday or Sunday. The belated issue on Doctor Manhattan comes on Saturday afternoon, but Bernard comments on the issue of the "Spirit of '77" on Sunday.
  • The title "Spirit of '77" refers to the American expression Spirit of '76.


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