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Nixonvilles are a series of trailer parks with several locations throughout the United States.


Nixonvilles serve as homes and communities for the United States' lower-class and poverty-stricken denizens. They were named after Richard Nixon, who was President of the United States during the onset of the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the Dimensional Incursion Event. The trailer parks feature a caricatured statue of Nixon holding up two peace signs with his hands. Dale Petey describes them as "drop-out communities" created by right-wing reactionaries in response to the Blue Wave of 1992 when Robert Redford was elected president of the United States and the publication of The Rorschach Journal in 1995.[1][2][3]

The Nixonville park in Tulsa, Oklahoma serves as a home to members of the Seventh Kavalry. In 2019, the Tulsa Police Department drives in to arrest members of 7K who were suspected to have been responsible for the murder of Judd Crawford.[1][2]



  • Nixonville trailer parks are a play on the Hooverville shantytowns, which were built by homeless people during the Great Depression and named after Herbert Hoover, the president many people blamed for having caused the Great Depression.