New Utopia, formerly known as Utopia, is a cinema which features retro movies. It is located on the southwest corner of fortieth and seventh, about one block north from Madison Square Garden, across from what used to be the Institute for Extraspatial Studies and Gunga Diner.


On October 19, 1985 Utopia showed This Island Earth.[1] On October 21 it showed Things to Come; that night, a youth (probably Knot Tops) who was on KT-28s was outside shouting about Richard Nixon and bombs and was arrested by the police.[2] On October 27 it showed The Day the Earth Stood Still, a movie about an alien from space who warns humans about an upcoming nuclear war.[3] It was still showing the night it was destroyed by the alien monster and all patrons were killed.[4]

Following the massacre in New York City, Utopia was renamed New Utopia. The first movies it showed was Andrei Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice, a Swedish film about someone's attempts to avert an upcoming holocaust; and Nostalghia.[4]


  • Utopia was most likely was owned by Veidt Enterprises, and was likely used to subconsciously prepare the people for the alien monster and a danger from space.
  • In This Island Earth (1955), aliens pretend to seek help from human scientists in saving their planet, Metaluna, but secretly plot to invade Earth. Things to Come (1936) explores a society in which the treat of war accelerates technological progress. The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) features an extraterrestrial named Klaatu trying to warn Earth about nuclear war but ends up being hunted down by U.S. government forces fearful of alien invaders. These films' themes as well as the theater's name, all mirror Adrian's Veidt's plot.
  • In the real world, The Sacrifice wasn't released until May 1986. The name of the film is a reference to the deceased who were sacrificed in Adrian Veidt's plan to avert nuclear holocaust. It's likely that in the alternate universe of Watchmen, the film came out months earlier. It is perhaps of note that Andrei Tarkovsky also directed an earlier film titled Nostalghia, a film that explores the themes surrounding nostalgia and the untranslatability of art and culture.


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