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My Parents is an essay written by Walter Kovacs, aka Rorschach when he was only eleven years old.


A printed copy of My Parents is stored in Kovacs' arrest file, which was given to the authorities by the Lillian Charlton Home for Problem Children.

My Parents by Walter Kovacs

I have two parents, although actually, I don’t have any. I never see my mom, but that’s okay, although I would like to see my dad sometimes. I have never met my dad and I would sure like to. He had to leave our house when I wasn’t even born, I guess because he couldn’t get along with my mother. I would of done the same if I was him.

I used to ask my mom about my dad, but she doesn’t talk much about him. His name was charlie, which is short for Charles although it has the same number of letters. She says she doesn’t know his second name although how can you live with somebody if you don’t know who they are? It is just stupid.

My mom told me she threw my dad out because he was always getting into political arguments with her because he liked President Truman and she didn’t. I think perhaps my dad was some sort of aide to President Truman, because he liked him so much. Most probably he was out of the country during the war when I was growing up on some sort of mission. I think he was the kind of guy who would fight for his country and what was right. Maybe he got killed fighting the Nazis and he’s with God now and that’s how come he never managed to find me.

I like President Truman, the way Dad would of wanted me to. He dropped the atom bomb on Japan and saved millions of lives because if he hadn’t of, then there would have been a lot more war than there was and more people would have been killed. I think it was a good thing to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.

That is all I have to say about my parents.