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Mrs. Hirsch is the mother of a family.

They seemed to have a spiritual and pacifist life, with a poster of Buddha and posters saying "Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life" and "No Nukes". They also had a poster of the Grateful Dead. They had two kids named Clare and Dominique Hirsch.

Shortly after the Russians invade Afghanistan and the world anticipates a nuclear war, Dominique, age 3, seems to have caused, partly, her father's madness, as she seemed to repeatedly said "Wah", which sounds like "war". Mrs. Hirsch said that she was only three and only repeated things. Her husband goes crazy and out of fear that the USA and the Soviet Union could engage in war, kills both of their kids in front of her with a kitchen knife to "spare" them, and then slits his own throat. Mrs. Hirsch is left as only survivor and eye witness.

She tries to tell Detectives Joe Bourquin and Steven Fine all she can while crying. Bourquin attributed these events to astrological omens like Halley's comet, and the media. Officer Capaldi drove Mrs. Hirsch to the hospital.[1]