Miranda St. John was the girlfriend of Adrian Veidt.[1]

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Meeting Adrian Veidt Edit

On September 1956, Miranda St. John would eat at the Gunga Diner in New York City, and it was there where she took notice to Adrian Veidt reading the Financial News and watched him diligently study the stock market for the next few weeks. One day, St. John decided to introduce herself to Veidt, and he reciprocated back to her and the two were immediately drawn to each other. They eventually become lovers and moved in together.[1]

Growing Empire Edit

As the months passed, their attraction to one another grew as Adrian Veidt's finances continued to soar. She was fascinated by Veidt's ability to successfully play the stock market without making a single mistake. One night, as St. John lied in bed, she took notice of Veidt calling his financial broker to reinvest his money in electric power stocks. Awed by his high intellect, St. John proceeded to give Veidt fellatio.

Months continued to pass as Veidt's empire grew at an exponential rate, requiring him to focus all his attention on work. This creates friction for Veidt and St. John as he began to become entrenched in his work and is unable to spend time with St. John, which frustrated her greatly.[1]

Friction Edit

On March 1958, St. John stood beside Adrian Veidt and watched the construction of a skyscraper in Manhattan that would house his new business and their penthouse apartment. She is amazed that someone coming from nothing would managed to become corporate mogul in just eighteen months. She suggested that they should go and celebrate his accomplishment, however, Veidt informed her that he will be busy all night. This upsets her and argued that Veidt has been busy every night for the last several months, but Veidt informed her that building an empire takes work and doesn't have time to waste. St. John is taken aback at Veidt's callous statement, believing that he's implying that's she's becoming a waste of time. Veidt assured her that that is not true, so he offered her some money for her to go tonight and fun at his expense, which St. John angrily accepted.[1]

A Night on the Town Edit

Introduced to Heroin Edit

Later that night, St John goes out to one of the New York City's poshest underground clubs. She talked her way past two bouncers and walked straight into the club. She is then introduced to the club's owner, Moloch the Mystic, and introduced her to heroin, which she took hoping it would curve her frustration.[1]

Overdose Edit

St. John managed to find her way back home. As she lied in bed naked, the effects of Moloch's poor quality heroin caused her to overdose and die. Adrian Veidt came home from work that night to apologize for his lack of commitment to her and promised to make it up to her. Veidt discovered her body inside the apartment and mourned her death. [1]

Legacy Edit

Adrian Veidt's Decision Edit

Adrian Veidt, for the first time time since his parent's deaths, wept for the loss of girlfriend. As Veidt was about to report her death to the police he paused and realized not only the disastrous publicity it would have on his growing business but also realized that he had to take matters into his own hands. St. John death, as well as the actions of the costumed adventurers of the past, influenced Veidt to focus his efforts to make the United States better and go beyond what he could do with money and political influence. He took to the streets as Ozymandias, a masked vigilante, and initially targeted drug dealers, and ultimately dismantled one of the biggest drug rings in New York responsible for supplying Moloch's drug dens as revenge for St. John's death.[1]

Murdering Edgar Jacobi Edit

In 1985, Adrian Veidt recruited Moloch, now going by Edgar Jacobi, as an unsuspecting pawn to his master plan to save the world. He exposed Jacobi to radiation resulting in him getting cancer. Veidt visited Jacobi's apartment and informed him of his master plan and his role in it. Veidt then offered him the chance to save the world with his death, and Jacobi accepted. Veidt ultimately shoots Jacobi in the head, killing him instantly.[2]

Although Veidt killed Jacobi mainly to have Rorschach framed and arrested to stop him from investigating him.[3][4], he ultimately avenged St. John's death since Moloch was responsible for supplying the heroin that killed her.[1]

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