Marcus Abar is a minor character in HBO's Watchmen. He is the husband of Elise Abar and the father of Angela Abar.

Biography Edit

Marcus Abar was born in Harlem, New York City to Will Reeves and June Abar. Marcus and his family lived there during his father's years as a police officer and crime fighter. However, Marcus would later be taken from New York back to Tulsa by June when he was eight years old after Will's double life fighting crime as the vigilante Hooded Justice took a heavy toll on the family. Marcus was thus estranged from his father and never saw him again.

Marcus would grow up in Tulsa and later enlisted in the United States Army when war broke out with Vietnam in the 1960s. This was against the wishes of June, who vowed that she would never speak to him again. When Doctor Manhattan, the godlike superhero, helped ensure the defeat of Vietnam and a U.S. victory, Marcus stayed in the country as it slowly transitioned from being a territory into a U.S. state. He would marry his wife Elise in Vietnam; and the two would later have their child Angela Abar born in Saigon, two years before Vietnam was admitted into the Union as a State.

In 1987, Angela attempted to rent the blackxploitation movie Sister Night to watch, and brought it to show Marcus. Marcus told her to return it and explained that people who wore masks were dangerous and to be feared. When Angela walked off to return the movie, a member of the Vietnamese Liberation Front went over towards a group of U.S. Army soldiers with a backpack. The backpack had a bomb in it which detonated, killing the American soldiers as well as both Marcus and Elise who were nearby.

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