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Malcolm Long was a criminal psychiatrist at Sing Sing who attempted to treat Walter Kovacs while he was imprisoned.


Walter Kovacs tells Long that his psychological breakdown came as a result of his investigation of the kidnapping of Blair Roche, a six-year-old girl, whose captor, Gerald Anthony Grice, butchered and fed her remains to his two German Shepards. After which he tells the guard that he cannot help him.

During the prison riot, Long hides in a storage room and meets Kovacs again looking for his gear. As Kovacs wears his mask, he says "Tell me doctor, what do you see?" showing the shapes on its surface.

Long is killed by the explosion sent by Ozymandias.


  • Unlike the original series, Malcolm's wife and personal life are neither seen nor mentioned.
  • The film version of Malcolm Long is not as cheerful and as optimistic as he is in the graphic novel and is only seen in a few scenes; when interviewing Rorschach (after which he tells the guard that he cannot help him).

Behind the Scenes

  • In the film, Malcolm Long is portrayed by actor William Taylor.
  • Malcolm Long is credited as "Prison Psychiatrist".
  • A movie prop with Rorschach's case file mentions the name "Dr. Terrence Roberts".