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The following is a list of unseen minor characters in the Watchmen comics.


Alan MorganEdit

Alan Morgan was the crime correspondent for the Washington Times. He wrote about Richard M. Nixon's intent to repeal amendment 22.[citation needed]

Mike GreenvilleEdit

Mike Greenville was the crime correspondent for the Wall Street Post. He wrote about the discovery of the bodies of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.[citation needed]


Zelda was a writer who held a gossip column in a newspaper or magazine, commenting on celebrities, including masked adventurers. She gossipped about the alleged relationship between Hooded Justice and Silk Spectre I.[1]

Military personnelEdit

Anthony RandolphEdit

General Anthony Randolph was Dr. Manhattan's handler when he first started working for the government. He was later diagnosed with cancer as well as other of the Dr's peers in order to discredit him.

Doug Roth mentioned him on air.[citation needed]


Alexander HaigEdit

Alexander Haig was the White House Chief of Staff in 1978. He wrote a memorandum on behalf of Nixon about his concerns regarding the licensed superheroes.[citation needed]

Dwight D. EisenhowerEdit

Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower is the 34th President of the United States. He isn't ever mentioned in the main series of Watchmen. However, he still listed as one of the presidents of the United States in the alternate timeline of Watchmen.[citation needed]

Franklin D. RooseveltEdit

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the 32nd President of the United States. In the world of Watchmen, Amendment 22 is not ratified following Roosevelt's four terms of office.[citation needed]


King MobEdit

King Mob was a costumed criminal active during the 1940s. He used to wear an ape mask. He was apprehended by the Minutemen and his mask was put as a trophy in their display room.[citation needed]

While the supervillain may have been trying to combine the images of King Kong and a mob boss, the name King Mob was originally used by rioters in England to refer to mob law. It is also the code name of two anarchist mystics in Grant Morrison's comic The Invisibles.

Other New YorkersEdit

Angela NeubergEdit

Angela Neuberg is the Director of Veidt Cosmetics & Toiletries. Adrian Veidt corresponded with her about the marketing line of Nostalgia and the future Millenium perfumes.

She is engaged to Frank.[citation needed]

Francis GiancarloEdit

Francis Giancarlo was the President of the New York Police Officer's Union. He wrote a complaint letter to the mayor of New York about his lack of cooperation regarding Costumed adventurers and the scheduling strike.[citation needed]



Bella is Laurie Juspeczyk maiden aunt. She remembered her as someone who hoarded souvenirs from her life and crowded her house with them.[2]


Carol-Anne was a girl whose father worked in Gila Flats in the '50s. She was fond of Elvis Presley and was sticking his pictures. Her father thought he was a pimply eyed punk. He was telling this to a colleague when he saw the first manifestation of revived Jon Osterman.[3]

Hollis Wordsworth MasonEdit

Hollis Wordsworth Mason was Hollis Mason's grandfather, a farmer in Montana.

He was a conservative and religious person, distrustful of the city folk, considering it a cesspool of immorality and crime (indicating that he was blind to the dark side of rural life marked by drunk husbands and domestic violence). When Hollis Jr. was born, he was honored to see him given his own name and had a special concern for his moral upbringing.

Hollis had his own dreams for his son and had prepared for him a future on his farm. However, because of the amount of guilt, pressure, and recrimination, his son decided to move with his family to New York. They had a lot of arguments because of this decision and predicted poverty and moral ruination for his son.

These warnings gave passion to his son and he was proud that he managed to keep his family above the poverty line. The moral legacy marked young Hollis's character and sense of right and justice, enabling him to be a cop.[4][5]

Ingrid Renata VeidtEdit

Ingrid Renata Veidt is the mother of the superhero turned supervillain Adrian Alexander Veidt.

Liantha MasonEdit

Liantha Mason was the sister of Hollis Mason. She followed her family from Montana to New York.[citation needed]

Mr. GorskyEdit

Manhattan on the moon

Neil Armstrong wishes "good luck".

Mr. Gorsky was a neighbor of Neil Armstrong when he was little. When he landed on the moon he mumbled to himself, wished Mr. Gorsky good luck.

"Mr. Gorsky" is the subject of a joke, subsequently urban legend, having to do with (a fictional) Armstrong's childhood neighbor and his wife who promised him to have oral sex when that boy ever went to the moon. On his landing on the moon, Armstrong allegedly remembered that event and said "Good luck Mr. Gorsky". For more information on this joke, see here

This legend is referenced in the movie introduction.


Mr. Richardson was Hollis Mason's English teacher, and had an affair with Miss Albertine.[citation needed]

Sam GiancanaEdit

Sam Giancana is a gangster who acted in the '60s. According to Jackie Kennedy, Janet Smith was cavorting with him.[6]



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