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Geoffrey Dean was a costumed criminal formerly known as the Liquidator. An adversary of the Minutemen, he murdered the Silhouette along with her lover, Gretchen Slovak, after the former was expelled from the team.


The Liquidator was a minor [1]costumed criminal active in the early 1940s, during which he came in conflict with the Minutemen. Hollis Mason called him a "third-rate pervert" and Sally Jupiter, a "nut".[2]

When Silhouette was exposed as a lesbian by a magazine article and expelled from the team, the Liquidator decided to get revenge on her. After tracking Silhouette down and finding her in a Motel in Marina Bay, the Liquidator murdered her and her lover Gretchen Slovak in their sleep in the late hours of November 12, 1946. He painted the words "Lesbian Whores" on their bedroom wall in their own blood.[2]

Several days later, after word got around that the Liquidator was back in New York City, the Minutemen started looking for him. Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice investigated the joints of homosexuals while Nite Owl and Dollar Bill searched other areas. Although she never liked Silhouette while alive, Jupiter had her own sources and found his hideout to avenge her personally. As Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice found his tracks, she had killed him and dumped his body into a bathtub.[2]

Mason later considered telling the whole story in his book Under the Hood but at Laurence Schexnayder's insistence redacted the part where he mentioned that Jupiter had killed the Liquidator.


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