Liquidator was a costumed criminal active during the 1940s. He killed his old adversary, the Silhouette and her lover in bed, after she was expelled from the Minutemen after having been outed as a lesbian.


The Liquidator was in the service of the Nazis during the 1930s, as the Nazi army took control of Austria. After the Nazis took over a local orphanage in the Austrian town of Linz, the Liquidator worked in a small secured room in the orphanage building, where he would brutally torture and murder many numbers of the orphanage's young Jewish residents, including the younger sister of Ursula Zandt, Blanche. After murdering Blanche, Liquidator was eventually stopped and shot by an enraged Ursula and the orphanage's pharmacist (and Zandt's soon-to-be lesbian lover), Gretchen.[1]

Liquidator survived the attack however, and began to search for both Zandt and Gretchen, who had both escaped from the country to live in the United States. After a number of years searching, Liquidator managed to track the two down to New York City following the media surrounding Silhouette's dismissal from the Minutemen for her lesbian orientation. The article exposed Silhouette's identity as Ursula Zandt and as a New York resident, which aided Liquidator's search. He tracked both women to a Motel in Marina Bay and murdered them in their sleep in the late hours of November 12, 1946, painting the words "Lesbian Whores" on their bedroom wall in their own blood.[1]

Several days later, after word got around that the Liquidator was in New York, the Minutemen started looking for him. Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice, who apparently knew something more, investigated the joints of homosexuals. Although she never liked Silhouette while alive, Sally Jupiter had her own sources and found his hideout to avenge her personally. As Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice found his tracks, she had killed him and dumped his body into a bathtub.[1]


Liquidator was a tall, muscle-bound male. His attire consisted of a burgundy-coloured sleeveless shirt, dark cargo pants and a black leather mask concealing all of his face except for his eyes. He was also shown at one occasion wearing a second mask, concealing only the top half of his face (apart from his eyes), and with a gold-coloured crucifix painted on his forehead.


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