Liao Lin[1][2] was the lover of Eddie Blake, aka the Comedian, while he served in the Vietnam War.


Liao Lin met Eddie Blake during his first few months in Vietnam and became romantically involved with him, resulting in her becoming pregnant with his child.

Lin was present in Saigon in March 1971 when Jon Osterman, aka Doctor Manhattan, arrived in Vietnam and was reintroduced to Blake.[3]

On Victory in Vietnam Night in June 29 of the same year, the then-pregnant Lin confronted Blake regarding her pregnancy with his child in the US Embassy's Saigon Officers Club following the end of the Vietnam War. Blake derisively tells her that he intends on leaving the country and never return. Furious of his decision to abandon her, their unborn baby, and Vietnam, Lin slashed Blake across the face with a broken bottle. In retaliation, Blake shot her dead, along with the unborn child.[4]

Although Osterman witnessed the confrontation and told Blake not to shoot her, he chose not to intervene, which Blake called him on after Osterman asked him if killing the woman was really necessary. Blake pointed out that Osterman could have stopped the killing and that Osterman was "falling out of touch" with reality.[4]


After the incident Blake's face is repaired, but the surgery ended up requiring seventy-one stitches and left Blake with a permanent scar.[5]

On July 1, 1971 Blake was court-martialed for killing Lin. He admits to the shooting, but claims it was in self-defense since she was attacking him. Blake was ultimately released and returned home to the United States.[5]


  • The Vietnamese woman is referred to as "Liao Lin" in David Hayter's Watchmen drafts.


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