Krystalnacht was a band from the 1980s.


Krystalnacht performed at Madison Square Garden on November 2, 1985 as an opening act for Pale Horse. The members of Krystalnacht were most likely killed by the giant squid in New York City.[1]


  • Krystalnacht, properly spelled Kristallnacht, is translated to Night of the Broken Glass, a sanctioned Nazi massacre of Jews in November 1938, in which Nazis destroyed synagogues, Jewish homes, and Jewish businesses. This event kicked off the Holocaust, as many Jews were taken to concentration camps that night.
  • The reference to Krystalnacht foreshadows great destruction and persecution at the end of Watchmen; the giant squid attack, resulting in the deaths of three million people and destruction of New York City. Adolf Hitler believed that killing all the Jews would unite Germany, just as Adrian Veidt believed that the New York City massacre would unite the world to peace.


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