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Jane Lestley Crawford (née Alexander) was a recurring character in HBO's Watchmen. She was a retired political consultant and Judd Crawford's widow.[1]


Jane Lestley Alexander was a veterinarian who married Judd Crawford in 1976.[2]

Both Jane and her husband were white supremacists and members of the secret organization Cyclops as well as their overt terrorist regiment the Seventh Kavalry. Both Jane and Judd kept their racist allegiances a secret to continue their political climb.

On what would later be known as the White Night, the entire Tulsa police department was subject to home invasions organized by the Seventh Kavalry. All but Judd, Angela Abar, and another officer would be murdered by their assassins.

In the following time, Judd would rise and become the police chief, while Jane worked closely with fellow white supremacist Joe Keene to help him win local elections.[3]

The Crawfords kept an eye on Angela Abar with sinister plans for her husband Cal.

In September 2019, Jane's husband Judd was hypnotized to hang himself by Will Reeves in revenge for his connection to Cyclops. Angela Abar, the first to arrive on the scene, covered up her grandfather's involvement, though he took full credit for it.

When Laurie Blake discovered the cover-up, she went to Jane's house to follow up with questions over the accusations of Judd's racist past. However, realizing how close Laurie was onto their trail, Jane activated a trap door and captured Laurie.

Jane was present for the climax of the Seventh Kavalry's plan to absorb Doctor Manhattan's power and give it to Joe Keene. However, the supremacists were subverted by Lady Trieu, who let Keene explode from the raw energy and vaporized them all as part of her deal with Will Reeves. Just before Trieu annihilated the Cyclops leadership, Jane oddly seemed to welcome her death.



Like her husband, Jane was a bigoted racist and extremist who took part in a mass conspiracy to exterminate black people.


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