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James Trafford March was a renowned hard science fiction writer and political activist best known for such critically acclaimed classics as Plastic Souls and Manhattan Shrugged.[1][2]


James Trafford March came to prominence writing science fiction stories including Plastic Souls and Manhattan Shrugged, both of which became beloved classics. His success in the medium earned him the title of "sci-fi grandmaster"

March was also a political activist. His activities against the government earned him a "nasty number 69" spot on Richard Nixon's enemies list.[1][2]

March owed massive debts to the IRS, who had frozen his earnings. Considering this, March's disappearance came not as a surprise to the public, but New Frontiersman connected it with Max Shea's and of other creative figures disappearance around the same time.[3]

In reality, March was taken to Veidt's island to work on the Alien Monster and was killed along with the other artists and scientists who took part.[4]