Jackie Earle Haley (b. July 14, 1961) is an American actor. As a child star, he was best known for his portrayal of Kelly Leak, the motorcycle-riding, cigarette-smoking little league baseball player in The Bad News Bears and its sequels. After taking a 13-year-long break from acting, he returned in 2006 with the films All the King's Men and Little Children. For his role in the latter film as paroled sex offender Ronald McGorvey, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

In the 2009 adaptation of Watchmen, he portrays the character Rorschach. When asked about the role in an interview, Haley replied:

It was an absolutely awesome experience. Getting to go out there and work with the likes of Jeffrey Dean, Patrick, Billy, Malin, Carla, Matt – it was just a real treat. Zack Snyder, his vision for this thing, was incredibly exciting for all of us. The whole goal out there was to try and stick as close as we could to the tone and meaning and the whole thought-provoking aspect of Watchmen. It's kind of funny, I realized this today talking to press, looking over at Zack at the monitor, I saw him more with the comic book in his hand than the script.[1]


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