Gretchen Slovak


Gretchen Slovak was the lover of Ursula Zandt.


When she was young, Gretchen Slovak worked as a chemist in a large orphanage in Linz and when it was overrun by Nazis, she was charged with the girls. Shortly after the riots, she met young Ursula Zandt and admired how she cared for her little sister Blanche, and how, despite understanding their grave situation, she tried to cheer her up. She soon fell in love with her and worrying about them, she arranged with a forget to make papers for their escape to the U.S. The other day she found out that Blanche went missing, like other kids before her. One day she watched as Ursula poisoned and killed the Nazi guards to a forbidden room, where Blanche, like other kids, was mutilated and killed by a masked figure. Gretchen followed her and saved her life by shooting the killer, and took her away.[1] They fled to New York where Ursula became a vigilante and joined the Minutemen.

When Ursula was injured fighting a ring of perverted abusers, Hollis Mason brought Ursula to Gretchen's house, where she cured her and read her verses from A Child's Garden Verses.[2] The other day Mason found out she was not only her doctor, but her lover as well. That became known to the press as well, resulting to Silhouette being voted out of the Minutemen. The two left briefly for a Motel in Marina Bay, where they were murdered by the Liquidator a day before returning to NY. Byron Lewis arranged for unmarked graves so that they wouldn't be vandalized.[1]

Gretchen kept audio recordings. After their murder, Nite Owl broke into their house to collect evidence on a child murderer and found the audio tapes.[1]

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