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The Grappling Hook Gun, also called the Grappling Hook, is a line launching, multi-purpose, highly versatile, and handgun-like device used by Rorschach.


The grappling hook was designed by Dan Dreiberg. He gave it to Rorschach to help him in his war on crime, which he carries with him in his trench coat.

Rorschach uses the device to climb up Edward Blake's Apartment, to investigate Blake's death.

During the police raid at Edgar Jacobi's apartment, he shoots a cop with it only to incapacitate him so he could escape.


Rorschach uses grappling hook to climb up Eddie Blake's apartment.

The grappling hook gun operates on compressed carbon dioxide gas and can reach extremely high or long distances. It has an extremely resistant rope allowing any capably sized user to climb it. Although traditionally not a combat weapon, it can even be used as one in close quarters combat.


  • While grappling hooks (and grappling hook guns) do exist in real life, in comic books they have additional fantastic properties, such as the ability to reach extremely high or long distances, a extremely resistant rope and hook that can lift people, an unusual long rope (usually compared to the size of the gun) and sometimes even to pull things towards the gun instead of doing the opposite; a good example of this could be Batman.

Behind the Scenes

  • Despite that fact Alan Moore, trying to give some sort of realistic sensation to his novel, shows Rorschach's grappling hook more as a normal hook than one we would expect in a superhero comic book, it's a gas powered hook gun which he uses to climb up to Edward Blake's apartment, shooting the hook up and climbing up the rope, instead of the gun lifting him up to the apartment, and once to shoot a cop. The only things that can be said to be abnormal about the hook is the fact that Rorschach carries it in his trench coat and the rope is still long enough to reach a 20th floor of a building (and some people might also question the fact that he shoots someone with the hook only, while the rope doesn't moves at all).
  • While in the comic Moore decides that the hook won't lift Rorschach right up to Blake's apartment, in the film they stick to the "traditional" super hero grappling hook guns, and make it lift him.