Friedrich Werner Veidt was a German-American buinessman and the father of Adrian Veidt.

Biography Edit

In or before 1938, Friedrich Werner Veidt establishes a perfumery business in Germany, which proves quiet successful. He and his wife, Ingrid Renata Veidt, build a sizable fortune profiting from the Third Reich's activities in Europe.

In 1938, upon learning of his wife's pregnancy, Friedrich booked passage to the United States to escape the looming fascist threat of Nazism. With high hopes for his son, including presidency, Veidt wanted his child to be born in the U.S.. They arrive to the United States in April 1939 and three months later, in New York City, his son Adrian Alexander Veidt was born.

Much to his pride, his son Adrian started to develop signs of high intelligence at a young. When he was only four years old, he had read all twenty four volumes of Friedrich's encyclopedias. After his teachers and parents became suspicious of his consistent academic prowess, Friedrich informed Adrian that he needed to hide his intelligence by deliberately achieving average grades, much to his son's dismay.

Eventually his son stopped hiding his intelligence and graduated high school cum laude at the age of fourteen. Three years later, Adrian started taking graduate courses at Harvard University, studying his namesake and Friedrich's idol Alexander of Macedonia.

In 1956, Friedrich and his wife Ingrid both die in a traffic accident leaving Adrian the sole heir of their estate.

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