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Fred T. was a businessman and member of the Cyclops.


In 1938, Fred set fire to a Jewish deli on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, New York. Will Reeves witnessed the arson while on patrol and went after him. Fred suggested that a rat chewed through a wire, setting the place on fire. Will promptly arrested him and took him to the police station, and Fred denied starting the fire. The desk sergeant said it was a case of mistaken identity, and Fred asked the other officers who they're going to believe. One officer took offense when Fred calls Will a "spook" and told Fred to apologize. Once Fred did, the officer led Fred away.

Fred is released shortly afterword and the following day while walking freely he bumped into Will and mockingly greeted him.

It turned out that Fred was colluding with some of the members of the police department, and that they were a part of the racist crime group known as Cyclops. Those same officers went on to terrorize and lynch Will, tying a noose around his neck and hanging him, but they stopped short of killing him. They let him down and used this terrifying moment of brutality as a warning to not mess with “white folks’ business.

Will didn't back down from Cyclops’s threats. He was determined to investigate them and get payback. Tracking the Cyclops members down, Will found out that they were meeting at Fred’s Original Market. Disguised as Hooded Justice, Will fought members of the group and eventually came face to face with Fred who retaliated by firing a shotgun at him, but he escaped by crashing through the front window.

In 1947 he tracked down Cyclops members who were using mind control projectors to get black people to attack one another. Two Cyclops members were seen loading a projector into a car with its windows marked F.T. & Sons, and Will tracked them to the central F.T. & Sons warehouse. Outside the warehouse, Will ran into Fred again, who didn’t recognize Will, and “invited” Will into his warehouse to give him steaks. It was then that Will puts it together that Fred owned the warehouse. When Fred casually insulted Will, Will shot him in the head; instantly killing him.[1]


  • While not fully confirmed by the show's staff, the character of Fred appears to be based on Template:W, the father of Template:W, based on both appearance and other elements that aligned with Trump's biography, including his involvement with the Ku Klux Klan and his ownership of a supermarket in Template:W.