Exotic Cephalopodian Entities (ECEs) are genetically engineered squid-like creatures manufactured by Adrian Veidt.


The Squid in New York City in 1985.

The Attack on New York City

Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, took on the task of forging world peace at the most fraught moment during the Cold War. On November 2nd, 1985 Veidt staged a trans-dimensional alien attack on New York City that left three million dead and traumatized millions more. The giant squid was never properly studied as it eventually dissolved into water, erasing all evidence of its true nature. The attack ultimately became a catalyst for the United States and the Soviet Union to put aside their differences and brought an end to the Cold War.


Squid shower in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The fear of another giant squid appearance remained a strong cultural undercurrent that Adrian Veidt continuously exploited. To maintain the charade from being unveiled, Veidt would continue to teleport random downpours of fetal exotic cephalopodian entities through various locations throughout the world from his base in Karnak. Squid showers occur 25.4 times a year on average and just like the giant alien that materialized in New York, they also dissolve into water.

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