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Eve is the first female being created on Europa as part of Doctor Manhattan's terraformation of it into a paradise. She would later become a servant of Adrian Veidt.


November 3rd, 1985, Doctor Manhattan, desired to create life of his own and traveled to Jupiter's moon Europa. When he arrived, he began terraforming a portion of the moon into a paradise, an atmospheric bubble filled with plant life and animals. He then created a great lake in this paradise where the people of this world were created as fetuses, which could be harvested and, via accelerated biomechanical maturation, grow instantly to adulthood. The male and female of this species first to emerge Manhattan nicknamed "Adam" and "Eve", with the first "Adam" later taking on the name of the Game Warden.

Manhattan clothed them and teleported Cartwithen Castle to them from Earth as a home in which they should stay.

For twenty years, many more of these beings (the males of which became known as Mister Phillips and the females as Ms. Crookshanks) were spawned and began tending to Manhattan's every whim. They were genetically engineered by them so their entire life's purpose, at least to them, would be to help their masters in any way they could, making them desperate to help others. Eventually, Manhattan grew bored of them, and in 2009 traveled back to Earth, leaving them abandoned for many months.