Edward Blake's Apartment is a luxury apartment on the Promethea Building where Eddie Blake resided.


Eddie Blake moved to the the Promethea Building sometime before October 1985. Because of his work as a government operative, he was constantly away from his apartment and maintained little contact with his neighbors. One of his neighbors was a doctor named D. Gibbons.

On October 11th 1985, Adrian Veidt broke into Blake's apartment and beats the man to a bloody pulp before throwing him through a large window. Blake fell thirty stories to his death. Veidt stole money from the apartment to mislead investigators away from his true motive.

The following morning, Detectives Joe Bourquin and Steven Fine investigate Blake's apartment. They suspect multiple perpetrators, given the murder's ferocity. Later that night, Rorschach climbed up the Promethea Building to investigate himself. Hidden in a closet, he discovered a secret compartment in Blake's bedroom containing the Comedian's costume and weapons, a photograph of the Minutemen, and other memorabilia. He then realized that Eddie Blake was the Comedian.


  • The original series never explicitly stated what floor Eddie Blake lived on, however, the height is sufficient enough for Blake to have been killed after being thrown out the window.
  • While the murder of Edward Blake is shown mostly through flashbacks in the original miniseries, the 2009 film chose to use it as a scene prior to the intro. The film version revealed that Blake did put up a fight against Adrian Veidt, as suggested by one of the detectives.
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