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Edgar William Jacobi, also known as Moloch the Mystic, was a retired supervillain and former crime lord who fought the Minutemen and other superheroes such as Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandias for several decades.


Edgar Jacobi's life of crime began in the 1940s when he was fighting the Minutemen as Moloch the Mystic. His criminal career continued even after the disbandment of the Minutemen as he took on the second wave of costumed crimefighters including Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandias.[1][2]

Moloch took on various criminal pursuits including kidnaping the Governor of New Jersey, hijacking the liner Queen Elizabeth II, bombing the New York Stock Exchange.[2]

In the 1980s, following his release from prison, Jacobi retired from crime and became an employee of Pyramid Transnational. He also was associated with the Jesuit Fellowship.

At some point, he was diagnosed with cancer and started trying Laetrile as a alternative form of treatment.

When Eddie Blake discovered Adrian Veidt's horrifying plan to end the Cold War, he found the list of infected people and realized that Jacobi was one of the few people on the list. Drunk and hysterical, Blake broke into Jacobi's home at night and told him about the list, knowing that Jacobi would not understand. Unknown to Jacobi, Veidt had his apartment bugged, and Blake's drunken confession prompted Veidt to kill the Comedian.

At the Comedian's funeral, he attended incognito and put some flowers on his grave. This action was observed by Rorschach, who followed him to his house and threatened him. Jacobi told Rorschach that he has cancer and the story about the mysterious visit by the Comedian shortly before his death.

To stop Rorschach's investigation, Veidt shot and killed Jacobi leaving only a fired handgun and a call to the police.

Rorschach returned to Jacobi apartment to confront him once more, but found him murdered instead; resulting in him getting framed for the crime of manslaughter.

In the director's cut showing the murder of Hollis Mason, in his final moments Hollis fantasizes a younger Moloch attacking him.[1]


  • On a mail envelope his address is shown as: ?3 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10012.[1]