Doug Roth is a journalist from Nova Express.

In 1975 he traveled to Antartic resort Karnak to take an interview from Adrian Veidt.

He was the first to observe a connection between the cancers of Wally Weaver, Janey Slater and Moloch with Dr. Manhattan. After an interview with Slater, he attempted to make him speak about these connections during Benny Anger's live TV show.[1]

New Frontiersman calls him a "cocaine-advocator".[2]

Responding in New Frontiersman's attacks against him and his magazine, he appeared on TV and described NF's appeals to Costumed adventurers as "attempting to graft an acceptable face onto glorified Klan-style brutality". As for the accusations that Nova Express is funded by communists, Roth responded that his magazine is funded by an American delivery company.[3]


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