Dolores Shairp was Walter Kovacs' landlady. She had five children by five different fathers, and Kovacs suspected that she cheated on welfare.[1] Her neck often had purple bite marks; Kovacs claimed that she reminded him of his mother.[2] It is suggested she is a prostitute because when Kovacs calls her a whore, she tells him that the children "don't know".[3] She often complained about his stench and rent.[1][2]

When it was revealed that Kovacs was really Rorschach, Mrs Shairp told the press that he had made sexual advances to her, although this was a lie, and also called him a "Nazi pervert". She showed to the camera his stock of right-wing New Frontiersman issues.[4] After Kovacs' subsequent escape, he accosted Shairp about this slur on his reputation, but did not attack her, presumably because her children were present.[3]


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