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William Brady, also known as Dollar Bill, was one of the first superheroes and a member of the Minutemen. His connections with the National Bank helped sponsored the activities of the Minutemen.


Originally from a small farming town in Nebaska, William Benjamin Brady blossomed in high school, excelling at all sports and becoming a local legend. He was popular among the girls for his "movie-star looks".


While attempting to stop a raid upon one of his employer's banks, Dollar Bill's cape became entangled in the bank's revolving door and he was shot at point-blank range before he could free it. Hollis Mason speculates that If he’d designed Bill's costume himself he might have left out that cape and he would still be alive today.

Dollar Bill's clear commercial motivations are never commented on by his peers or the subsequent generation of vigilantes who all seem to regard him as a worthy hero; even the cynical Rorschach laments Dollar Bill's untimely death.


Hollis Mason regarded Brady in his book, Under the Hood, as "one of the nicest and most straightforward men I have ever met." Brady also seemed to have no objection with National Bank using his image for racist advertising.