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Dimensional Developments was a research company owned by Veidt Enterprises.


Dimensional Developments acted as a subsidiary of Veidt Enterprises. It funded the Institute for Extraspatial Studies, and in turn, it was funded by Pyramid Deliveries.[1] Adrian Veidt financed Dimensional Developments with the proceeds of the spark hydrants he developed.[2]

Doctor Manhattan's past associates, Janey Slater, Wally Weaver, and Edgar Jacobi were employees of the firm. All of them were unwittingly exposed to radiation and later suffered cancer. They were used as part of a plan by Veidt to get rid of Manhattan.[1][2][3]

Dimensional Developments was responsible for the research concerning teleportation, ultimately triggering the Alien Monster.

DC Universe

Following this plan, when Moloch got out from prison, Adrian Veidt offered him a temporary job, presenting him a chance to atone himself from his past life. He worked in an enclosed office comparing and cross-checking the results from research teams testing a new energy source. He didn't know that Veidt introduced some errors himself to check if Moloch could detect them. Veidt had hid a radioactive source in his office in order to cause cancer to him.[4]