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Watchmen Portraits - Derf

Derf was a Knot Top with a strong dislike toward costumed heroes. He was also a customer of Bernard. He had a girlfriend who had a swastika tattoo and was a KT-28 addict.


Derf was seen walking with his girlfriend holding a boom box listening to the Iggy Pop song "Template:W".[1]

Exiting the Utopia cinema, he went to Bernard's newsstand asking for a New York Gazette. He told Bernard that the movie Template:W was about a "space guy" warning the Earth about the nuclear war. He then went on saying how much he hates the "superfags", he accused the "Manhattan guy" for bringing it all down, and that superheroes were behind a recent tenement fire (actually Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II saved the tenants from the fire[2]). While he talked, his girlfriend begged for Katies.[3]

As his girlfriend was high, she started ranting about how it is to die from a nuclear hit. A fellow Knot Top told him that some "super dupers" with "some Owl character" rescued Rorschach from the Sing Sing; another, not knowing that there had been two Nite Owls, roused the mob of degenerates and led them to the home of retired Hollis Mason.[3]

Hollis expected children for Halloween, and opening the door, he was beaten to death; someone told Derf that he is old and they should split, but Derf wanted something heavy to "show them how". He took the Nite Owl statuette Mason received as a reward from the city and broke the old man's head with it. His girlfriend and fellows looked in contempt and Derf ordered everyone to scram.[3]

After Adrian Veidt's Alien Monster was transported to New York, Derf's dead body can be seen at the Pale Horse concert.